Grape Stomping Time

Combining our two great loves of stomping on things cathartically and wine, grape stomping is the traditional means of producing grape must, and it’s a delightful way to spend your time.

It is, you may be unsurprised to learn, no longer a common industrial practice. Other, more efficient means of squishing the heck out of grapes have been found. Many grape stomping sessions are simply held for the benefit of tourists, and despite real grapes being used the resulting stomp-fluid (stop me if I’m getting too technical for you) will not become wine as a result.

However, grape stomping is still practiced in the Rioja region. Due to the Rioja Alavesa wine being made from grapes that are fermented in the skin, grape stomping is ideal as it presses the fruit without breaking the skin. Shortly before the harvest the grapes are pressed, which means the ideal time to get in on the action is…round about now.

So. Maybe next year. For this event takes place in remote locations and you will need to be driven (NB. You will not be able to drive on the way back) there, or you can book a tour. If you start now, perhaps you’ll be in time.


Juan Piedra



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