As it’s name suggests, La Bienal takes place every two years. It was first mooted in 1979 and began in 1980 and continues every even number of year (i.e. 2014 is the present one). More to the point, it’s on now, running from the 12th of September until the 5th of October.   Held in Sevilla, it is, for those who don’t know (which included me until recently), the biggest flamenco event in the world.

La Bienal is attended by professional and amateur flamenco dancers and musicians (principally guitarists obviously) at venues across the city of Sevilla and, in many ways, is the epicentre of this most Andalusian of art forms.

Young flamenco artists have the opportunity to premier new work and older ones can display their traditional skills, with the experimental, avant-garde forms blending in harmony with the dance’s more traditional roots.

There is also a programme of street events, with many free displays around the cathedral and university.  In addition, the organisers are determined to ensure that the younger generation continues to carry the torch for flamenco.  There are workshops in schools as well as a competition to design a poster around the theme ‘Dream your Bienal’.

The good news for students of Lorca is that you can read about this in either Spanish or English on their website.  So you can check whether your translation is right!  For the main website, see:

Their Facebook page is available here:

Yours, tripping the light fantastic (try translating that into Spanish!)

John Stone


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