Spanish – it’s big for business (and good for holidays)

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If you sell to, or have any business dealings with, Spain or any of the c. two dozen countries where Spanish is the official language, then it doesn’t half help if you can speak their language.

Yes, we know that English is the language of international business, but Spanish is actually the second most spoken language in the world (after Mandarin).  Even in The United States, where you might think that we have a natural advantage in speaking (more or less!) the same language, it’s worth noting that by mid-century it’s quite probable that the USA will be the largest Spanish speaking country on the planet!  For those English-speaking businesses in the UK and the US that do not have employees able to communicate in foreign languages, there’s literally a world of missed opportunity: in the case of Spanish, 420 million missed opportunities (that’s roughly the number of native Spanish speakers in the world).

When it comes to business in Scotland there are a lot of people who do import, export or generally transact or otherwise work with Spanish speaking countries and companies.  It is immensely helpful to be able to speak the same language as your customers or colleagues abroad. Given the popularity of Spain as a holiday destination, it’s also quite handy on the Costa del Sol (other Costas are available).

You might think the answer is to employ more language graduates.  Unfortunately, in recent years, the numbers studying languages at schools and universities have declined so that’s not as easy as it was previously.

The answer is for you – and the teams who work with you – to learn Spanish.  The good news is that it’s not a difficult language to learn, nor is it particularly expensive to do so.  However, it is expensive if you lose business to a competitor who “habla español mejor que tú” (speaks Spanish better than you).

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¡Muchas gracias y hasta pronto!

Ricky Kemp, Lorca Spanish.

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