With the leaves yellowing and the autumn now firmly in place, most of us probably have quite some time before we’ll be heading out to Spain for a holiday again. Those wonderful beaches with their the chiringuitos, the pools, bars and restaurants and all that wonderful Spanish food; it makes you want to get online and book tickets now.

Of course, you don’t have to visit Spain to enjoy Spanish food. There are some excellent Spanish restaurants in Scotland too (see Hub Español for some ideas) and there is nothing to stop you from making it yourself.  Last summer, that’s just what we challenged our Lorca students to do, with a few nice prizes up for grabs by way of encouragement.  And we’re glad to say that, as we expected, they rose to the challenge.  Some of the teachers acted as judges and a good time was had by all, with the added advantage that this was a competition where you could eat the entries!  By way of reminder, here are some photos from the day and, if you are willing, we might do it again some time soon.


Juan Piedra