About Lorca Spanish

Who are we and what do we do?

Lorca Spanish, founded in 1996, is a Spanish language centre which specialises in Spanish language tuition, offering courses at all levels at times to suit all. All our classes are taught by fully qualified tutors from Spain, Latin America and the UK.

Whether you are a beginner or want to take your Spanish a step further, Lorca Spanish can help you find a class that will be most suited to your level. In addition to group classes, we also offer private individual tuition to suit your own schedule, designing bespoke courses to achieve specific learning objectives which are agreed between the student and tutor. Similarly we can offer this type of tuition for small, private groups of people who are at a similar level and wish to study together.

Spanish courses for children are also available at Lorca Spanish:

  • Lorca young learners club stage 1: for children aged 3-5
  • Lorca young learners club stage 2: for children aged 5-7
  • Lorca young learners club stage 3: for children aged 8-11
  • Lorca young learners club stage 4: for children aged 12-16

Another important part of our business is the corporate sector and over the last 4 years we have been providing language training (tuition, interpreting and translations) to some of the country's biggest companies.

Lorca Spanish is part of Global Connections (Scotland) Ltd, a group of companies which offers various language services including Spanish, English as a foreign language, as well as translation and interpreting.

Why "Lorca" Spanish?

Lorca Spanish is named in memory of Federico García Lorca, the Spanish poet and writer who made a profound and lasting contribution to Spanish literature and culture in general. In naming the school after him we recognise his iconic stature as one the greatest Spanish writers of the 20th century. As Lorca was such a cultural figure who, through his great works, became so very clearly identified with the Spanish language, we think it fitting that our school is named after him, giving emphasis to the idea that culture and language go hand in hand.