Adult Spanish Class Formats

Group classes (General Spanish)

Lorca Spanish offers courses for all levels -from complete beginners to advanced. Our general Spanish courses follow a set syllabus which allows students to progress gradually through the different levels: students enrol on a term by term basis (term lengths are between 12 and 15 weeks) and can take their studies of the language as far as they wish. The syllabus has been developed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Languages (CEL) which ensures that our courses - in terms of content and depth - are consistent with current standards.

Prior to starting a course, students (unless they are complete beginners) undertake a short test to determine their level. The result of this test then helps us to place students in the most suitable class.

Term structure

The academic year runs from September to July and can be broken down into the following terms: Sept-Dec (15 weeks), Jan-April (12 weeks), April-July (12 weeks).

Group class enrolment: Enrolment for group classes takes place on a term by term basis (12 or 15 weeks depending on the term). Please note that although it takes more than one term to complete a level (apart from complete beginners which is one term) you are not required to enrol for more than one term at a time.

Students attend once a week for 2.5 hours per class.

Summer courses are available during the months of July and August. These courses can be taken on an intensive basis (2 hours every day for 2 weeks), semi-intensively (5 hours per week for 4 weeks) or once a week (2.5 hours per week for 4 weeks).

Private, personalised tuition:

1to1's:(standard syllabus or tailor made courses)

1to1's are ideal for those students who cannot commit to a particular time of the week to attend a group class or who wish to study on their own. Students can follow a standard General Spanish course or a more tailored course allowing them to focus on a particular topic.

Private groups: (standard syllabus or tailor made courses)

Classes can also be arranged on private group basis where people who have a similar level of Spanish study together in a small class environment - again the course can be a standard general Spanish course following a particular syllabus or a more bespoke arrangement whereby the group specifies the course objectives (with assistance from our tutors and support staff)