Adult Spanish Course Options

General Spanish

An integrated skills course which places a lot of emphasis on speaking but which also takes into account listening, reading and writing. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced in a contextualised form. Pronunciation practice also forms an integral part of any course. All our group courses follow our standard General Spanish syllabus. Courses run throughout the academic year (please refer to "Class formats" for more information on term structure)

Business Spanish

This is also taught in the same way as general Spanish but with a business and commerce orientation with particular emphasis on vocabulary specific to business sectors.

Spanish exam preparation courses

The approach is similar to General Spanish in that all the major skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are looked at as well as Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. As preparation courses involve the student studying for a final exam, exam technique is of particular importance. Topics studied will usually be exam specific and will thus form part of the exam syllabus. We run the following exam preparation courses: The Spanish diploma courses (commonly known as the "D.E.L.E." courses- see details below ), Highers and Advanced Highers.

D.E.L.E qualifications

The "Instituto Cervantes" - the Spanish equivalent of the British Council and U.K. English - organises exams in the Spanish language known as "Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera" or "DELE". The D.E.L.E. exams are internationally recognised diploma qualifications and there are 3 levels: beginner/elementary, intermediate and advanced. All three exams include reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and speaking components.

Other/Spanish for special purposes:

If you have another specialised requirement please let us know and we will do our best to try and help you. For example you may require to learn vocabulary related to a specific topic or subject or learn Legal Spanish.