Spanish Courses: How to Apply

Adult Spanish Classes:

  1. Complete level test and send to Lorca Spanish
  2. Lorca Spanish will correct the test and advise you of your level
  3. Once you know your level you can then select a class from the timetable
  4. You can enrol in one of the following ways:

Payment /enrolment methods:

You can pay by debit/credit card, cheque or cash

  • Online: please click here for online application
  • By phone: please contact us on 0131 563 7631 and we can process your debit/credit card payment over the phone.
  • By post: please send in a completed enrolment form along with a cheque to cover the course fees (you will receive confirmation from us upon receipt of the enrolment form and payment)
  • At our offices: Alternatively you can visit our offices (180 Hope street) and pay in person Lorca Spanish will only contact you if in the event of a class cancellation, otherwise you should assume that the class you have enroled in is going ahead