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Strange Spain, Part I

It is not too difficult to discover interesting, new ‘facts’ about any country.  You inevitably find a hotch-potch of varied things – fascinating, dull, weird, unbelievable and outlandish – if you stick ‘strange things about name of country’ into Google,

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Not just for your aged aunt!

In September, I promised I’d write about one of my favourite places in Spain, namely Jerez de la Frontera.   Wikipedia describes it, somewhat drily, as “a municipality in the province of Cádiz in the autonomous community of Andalucia…midway between the

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Latino America, Latino UK?

We all know that, with the exception of Brazil, all the countries on the continent of South America speak Spanish.  Move to North America though and you naturally think of the ‘normal’ language as being English, albeit the American variety.  

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