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Aragonese Cuisine

Aragon, not to be confused with one of the heroes of Lord of the Rings, is a landlocked region of Spain in the North East of the country. Bordering France, it’s in the middle of the Pyrenees with Andalucia in

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Manchego Cuisine

Wallace and Gromit are yet to set foot in Spain in their televised adventures, but surely the lure of Manchego cheese would be enough to bring the curd-obsessed polymaths to southern Spain, and the region of Castilla-La-Mancha, following in the

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The Pilgramage to Cantabria

Again the Lorca Spain blog turns to the cuisine of regions of Spain., and this week we’re looking at Cantabria. An autonomous collective on the North coast of the country, with the Basque country to the west, Cantabria is a

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