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Nowt so queer as folk

Nearly everywhere you go, there is folk music. On the last Sunday in January, every year, the Murcian village of Barranda (locaed in the principality of Caravaca de la Cruz) holds the largest gathering of folk musicians in Spain. This

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Drums, Drums in the Deep

Drums. We all know them, we all love them. Nonetheless, few of us would say ‘Yes, gosh sign me up’ when propositioned with a drumming festival. But wait, these drummers are dressed as soldiers. And chefs. Yeah, weren’t expecting that

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The Sanperrerstre

Every New Year’s Eve in Spain the San Silvestre race takes places in towns and cities. Originally in Madrid (itself inspired by a Brazillian race), the San Silvestre Vallecana has both a fun run and a professional athlete race of

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