Business Spanish – it’s worth employing your linguistic skills

The economic situation in Spain, particularly for the younger generation, is such that many have had to emigrate in recent years. Britain is currently a popular destination, largely because many Spaniards speak English and also due to the fact that our economy has performed better than most of the rest of Europe.  There are some very able Spanish people now in Scotland with skills that many employers seek.

I know of at least one, an ethical hacker, whose CV makes him very attractive to potential employers in the growing field of cyber security. He’s come to Scotland to improve his English and to seek employment. And while he’s perfecting his English it still helps him to be able to converse with potential employers in his native tongue.  If you want to hire him (as lots of companies certainly will), how much easier will it be to persuade him if you can talk in Spanish as well as English?

I appreciate you may think that’s a one-off and it’s not worth spending time and money to go and learn Spanish in these circumstances, but what if your new Spanish employee has contacts in Spain – and these can generate new business for you?  There is also the added satisfaction of being able to go to Spain and converse with the locals – whether it’s with the waiter in your hotel, a shop assistant or the friendly passer-by who has just given you directions to the local market. They’ll appreciate it too. I once remember striking up a conversation with some local people in a restaurant in Murcia only to find out they owned a bodega!  We unexpectedly found ourselves back at the bodega being treated to some fantastic wine and tapas – Spanish hospitality at its best!  Had I not spoken Spanish I might have missed out on what proved to be a fantastic evening.

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