Spain and Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones recently finished its sixth and perhaps most ambitious series recently, and the multi-million dollar production will be returning to shoot in Spain for its shortened seventh season. It has utilised a lot of Spain, all across the country, in order to depict the lands around Westeros, the fictional continent where much of the story is set.

Ever since the show’s fifth series, and the introduction of Dorne into the show – inspired by Medieval Spain – there has been filming in and around medieval Islamic palaces. This led to filming taking place in Seville, notably in the Alcazar Palace which is recognised by UNESCO World Heritage. It’s certainly the right place to go, as if you type ‘Andalucia M’ into Google, autofill’s first suggestion is ‘Moorish Architecture’. Nearby Cordoba also saw some filming during Series 5, doubling for a city on Westeros.

Series 6 saw the shoot visit Almeria in Andalucia, Castellon in the East near Valencia, Navarre in the North (next to the Basque Country), and Girona (north of Barcelona). Only the West of Spain is yet to see any filming.

As George R.R. Martin was inspired by medieval European history for much of the books, it’s unsurprising that Spain is so widely used as the TV show expands its locations. With such grand medieval castles and palaces, plus its relative proximity to the production base in Northern Ireland, it’s the obvious choice for recreating a fantasy medieval land, due to so many of these buildings still being in tact.

You can visit or indeed hire out some of the locations, such as the Castell de Santa Florentina in Catalonia (which doubles for the Tarly’s ancestral home in the HBO show). More information on the filming locations can be found here, in the show’s Wiki page.


Juan Piedro


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