Childrens Spanish Class Format

Group classes (general Spanish for children)

Lorca young learners Club Stage 1 (3-5 Years) & Stage 2 (5-7 Years):

The language is taught through songs, dance, nursery rhymes, drawing and painting and simply by having lots of fun - in fact your children will learn Spanish without even trying! . There are two classes: one for the 3-5 year age group and another for the 5-7 year age group.

Lorca young learners Club Stage 3 (8-11 years) & stage 4 (12-16 years):

Stage 3: Children work together in small groups exploring Spanish through a programme of different topics, using a wide range of activities and resources including story telling, children's films, songs and activity sheets.

Stage 4: Children work in small groups and activities are based around the four main skills of speaking, listening reading and writing - with the emphasis being on speaking. The teacher will use a range of resources including materials from course books, specially tailored activities, handouts and supplementary materials.

Break Times (all stages):

There is a short break about halfway through the classes so that the children can have a snack and a drink. All activities are conducted indoors and children will remain on the premises at all times.

1to1's and small group classes for children

We can also run children's classes on a 1to1 or small group basis if this is required.

Where do the classes take place?

All classes take place at our main premises: 180 Hope Street, level 2, Glasgow, G2 2UE.

Materials and resources:

All materials are provided by Lorca Spanish and are included in the cost of the classes.

Use of Spanish in the classroom

Spanish will be used by the teachers in all the classes as much as possible, English being used only for the purposes of clarification.