Childrens Spanish Classes in Glasgow

Why Spanish?

  • Spanish is a true world language. With 400+ million native speakers in 23 countries, the opportunities for our children in the 21st Century are self-evident.
  • Spain has been one of Britain's top three-holiday destinations for over 30 years.
  • Spain is the UK's third most important trading partner in Europe.

The benefits of learning a language at an early age are well documented. Experts believe that when young children start to learn languages it helps to develop their communication skills and confidence in general - even in their first language.

In addition, children also learn to appreciate other cultures and customs which in turn fosters a greater awareness of diversity and muticulturalism in society.

Research also shows that children are able to assimilate different languages and compartmentalise them in such a way that does not lead to confusion.

In short, learning a new language at an early age will provide your child with invaluable skills which will prepare them for later life as well as helping them to develop an appreciation for communicating with others - not only in other languages but in their first language too.