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Here, you’ll find links to different Spanish media, online dictionaries and a host of Spanish restaurants, dance groups, music and other special interest Hispanic societies and groups in Scotland. If there is any Spanish information/business you would like to see featured on this page then please tell us!

Spanish and Latin American Food, Arts & Culture
in Glasgow and Edinburgh


  1. Malaga Tapas:
  2. Cubatas:
  3. Elena’s
  4. Iberica’s:
  5. Café Andaluz:
  6. The Spanish Butcher:
  7. Rioja:
  8. Tinto’s Tapas bar:
  9. La bodega:
  10. El gusto:
  11. Cau:
  12. Lupe Pintos: Spanish and Latin American food shop Glasgow:


  1. Indaba:
  2. Tapa:
  3. Lasal:
  4. Rafael’s:
  5. Cadiz Restaurant:
  6. El Quijote restaurant:
  7. Café Andaluz:
  8. Goya 23 tapas:
  9. El paso tapas bar:
  10. Malvarosa restaurant:
  11. Indaba Deli:
  12. Lupe Pintos: Spanish and Latin American food shop Edinburgh:

Gastronomy Latin America and Spain – general:

  1. Spanish wines – general info and wine tourism:
  2. Sherry:
  3. Wines of Argentina:
  4. Spanish food – detailed information and recipes:
  5. Latin American food – detailed information and recipes:


  1. See Spanish and Latin America films in Glasgow and Edinburgh:
  2. Glasgow: Glasgow Film Theatre:
  3. Spanish cinema (online guide):
  4. Latin American cinema (online guide)


  1. Spanish art general:
  2. Latin American art general:
  3. Latin American artists:
  4. Spanish artists:

General Guides – Culture and travel

  1. Culture Spain:
  2. Culture Latin America:
  3. General guide to Spain (including information about the regions, places to visit, culture and art)
  4. Instituto Cervantes: Spanish and Hispanic culture and language information.

Hispanic culture Glasgow and Edinburgh:


  1. Cuban Salsa School:
  2. Salsa dancing classes:
  3. Flamenco:
  4. Latin dance:
  5. Tango:


  1. Spanish and Latin American dance:
  2. Salsa
  3. Tango:
  4. Salsa:
  5. Latin dance:

Media: Newspapers, Magazines, books, TV (Spain and Latin America)

  1. List of newspaper publications in Spain:
  2. Newspaper publications Latin America:
  4. Spanish grammar and graded readers:
  5. Spanish books in general:
  6. Ebooks:
  7. Free ebooks on Amazon:
  8. Parallel texts for advanced readers:
  9. Parallel texts, Penguin:
  10. Parallel texts and general resources:
  11. National broadcaster Spain, RTVE:
  12. Main independent channel, Spain:
  13. List of TV channels and radio stations in Spain:
  14. List of TV and radio stations Latin America:

Online dictionaries

  2. Collins Dictionary:
  3. Oxford Dictionary:

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