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Here, you’ll find links to different Spanish media, online dictionaries and a host of Spanish restaurants, dance groups, music and other special interest Hispanic societies and groups in Scotland. If there is any Spanish information/business you would like to see featured on this page then please tell us.  We know that many of these businesses will be closed just now, but we have left this page up so you can see the extent of Spanish influence in Scotland and we hope that we’ll be able to return to these restaurants, groups and societies sooner rather than later.

Spanish and Latin American Food, Arts & Culture
in Glasgow and Edinburgh


  1. Malaga Tapas:
  2. Cubatas:
  3. Elena’s
  4. Iberica’s:
  5. Café Andaluz:
  6. The Spanish Butcher:
  7. Rioja:
  8. Tinto’s Tapas bar:
  9. La bodega:
  10. El gusto:
  11. Cau:
  12. Lupe Pintos: Spanish and Latin American food shop Glasgow:


  1. Indaba:
  2. Tapa:
  3. Lasal:
  4. Rafael’s:
  5. Cadiz Restaurant:
  6. El Quijote restaurant:
  7. Café Andaluz:
  8. Goya 23 tapas:
  9. El paso tapas bar:
  10. Malvarosa restaurant:
  11. Indaba Deli:
  12. Lupe Pintos: Spanish and Latin American food shop Edinburgh:

Gastronomy Latin America and Spain – general:

  1. Spanish wines – general info and wine tourism:
  2. Sherry:
  3. Wines of Argentina:
  4. Spanish food – detailed information and recipes:
  5. Latin American food – detailed information and recipes:


  1. See Spanish and Latin America films in Glasgow and Edinburgh:
  2. Glasgow: Glasgow Film Theatre:
  3. Spanish cinema (online guide):
  4. Latin American cinema (online guide)


  1. Spanish art general:
  2. Latin American art general:
  3. Latin American artists:
  4. Spanish artists:

General Guides – Culture and travel

  1. Culture Spain:
  2. Culture Latin America:
  3. General guide to Spain (including information about the regions, places to visit, culture and art)
  4. Instituto Cervantes: Spanish and Hispanic culture and language information.

Hispanic culture Glasgow and Edinburgh:


  1. Cuban Salsa School:
  2. Salsa dancing classes:
  3. Flamenco:
  4. Latin dance:
  5. Tango:


  1. Spanish and Latin American dance:
  2. Salsa
  3. Tango:
  4. Salsa:
  5. Latin dance:

Media: Newspapers, Magazines, books, TV (Spain and Latin America)

  1. List of newspaper publications in Spain:
  2. Newspaper publications Latin America:
  4. Spanish grammar and graded readers:
  5. Spanish books in general:
  6. Ebooks:
  7. Free ebooks on Amazon:
  8. Parallel texts for advanced readers:
  9. Parallel texts, Penguin:
  10. Parallel texts and general resources:
  11. National broadcaster Spain, RTVE:
  12. Main independent channel, Spain:
  13. List of TV channels and radio stations in Spain:
  14. List of TV and radio stations Latin America:

Online dictionaries

  2. Collins Dictionary:
  3. Oxford Dictionary:

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